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  1. Even a disaster like " Bitter Moon " had a certain glorious trashiness.
  2. Despite all this, a strong whiff of trashiness keeps the Sloth Police at bay.
  3. For all its trashiness and eagerness to shock ( unlike " Abbotts,"
  4. The only reason the first one was bearable was the happy trashiness of it all.
  5. The Kitty Kelley episode was a case of the Times nose-diving into the netherworld of tabloid trashiness.
  6. Or : " Everyone complains about the trashiness of television, but almost everyone watches it ."
  7. As a realist I know that governments and some absentee property owners view trashiness with far less concern than I do.
  8. The clothes, a mixture of tomboy scorn of prettiness and music festival trashiness, presented an easy sale to retailers.
  9. He will, Democrats say, have to reconcile the trashiness of his television persona with the loftiness of his political aspirations.
  10. While admitting that it can be enjoyed for its trashiness, and some good sex scenes, the review complains about the perceived misogynistic message behind the film.


  1. the quality of being cheaply imitative of something better
    पर्याय: shoddiness

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