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  1. There were three main forms for secular works in the Trecento.
  2. It was the most popular among the styles of the early Trecento artistic period.
  3. The Rossi Codex included music by Jacopo da Bologna, the first famous Trecento composer.
  4. During his career Cecco worked in themes common to other artists of the Trecento period.
  5. His work shows a distinct influence of the Italian trecento art Duccio is credited with creating.
  6. The painters of the work came from Bologna and painted in the style of the trecento.
  7. The Trecento "'Madrigal "'is an Italian musical form of the 14th century.
  8. Examples include the Squarcialupi Codex of Italian Trecento music and the Chantilly Codex of French Ars subtilior music.
  9. He passed his youth at Naples enjoying the aesthetic pleasures of the Italian " trecento ".
  10. The madrigal of the Trecento flourished ca . 1300 & ndash; 1370 with a short revival near 1400.

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