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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. The ULFA had called for a poll boycott during the 1999 Lok Sabha elections in the state but it went largely unheeded . The turnout was as high as 70 per cent .
    1999 के लकसभा चुनाव में उल्फा ने राज्य में चुनाव बहिष्कार की अपील की थी , पर किसी ने ध्यान नहीं दिया और राज्य में 70 फीसदी मतदान हा .
  2. Tired of being bogged down by problems like the non-availability of dates , high rentals and depressingly low audience turnout at most auditoriums , a growing tribe of performers is moving away from the confines of regular halls .
    तारीख न मिलने , अधिक किराया और ज्यादातर प्रेक्षागृहों में दर्शकों की बेहद कम मौजूदगी जैसी समस्याओं से आजिज आकर नाटककारों का एक वर्ग सामान्य प्रेक्षागृह की हदों से बाहर निकल रहा है .


  1. (ballet) the outward rotation of a dancer''s leg from the hip
  2. attendance for a particular event or purpose (as to vote in an election); "the turnout for the rally"
  3. a set of clothing (with accessories); "his getup was exceedingly elegant"
    पर्याय: outfit, getup, rig
  4. what is produced in a given time period
    पर्याय: output, outturn
  5. a short stretch of railroad track used to store rolling stock or enable trains on the same line to pass
    पर्याय: siding, railroad siding, sidetrack
  6. a part of a road that has been widened to allow cars to pass or park
    पर्याय: widening
  7. the group that gathers together for a particular occasion; "a large turnout for the meeting"

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