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  1. The Corps estimated the New Orleans area was more than 80 percent unwatered.
  2. As unwatered grass has lost its moisture, many wildflowers have failed to bloom.
  3. They were on their own for four months, unfertilized, unwatered, and unweeded!
  4. Campbell protested this on the grounds that it was unwatered and therefore unsuitable for selection.
  5. Let it rest again, unwatered.
  6. :Also note that it would be entirely possible to have overlapping circles so no land goes unwatered.
  7. The clash in a forgotten valley of the unwatered West is but one awakening of sovereignty by hundreds of American Indian tribes.
  8. F . The pit was kept unwatered, and the concrete was placed from chutes and pipes leading from mixer to pier.
  9. In most of the United States, an unwatered lawn turns brown in midsummer, but generally that is only a symptom of dormancy.
  10. On the 1868 county survey the building is standing, but shown as " site of former water mill " and the mill pond is unwatered.

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