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  1. No garish sets, no big names and no vacuousness.
  2. The title has evolved into a synonym for noisy vacuousness.
  3. Eventually, the reporters see the vacuousness of their occupation.
  4. But theanalogy of mental vacuousness in the area of public management is imperfect.
  5. As Hughes settles into the late 20th century, he is wonderfully cranky about American vacuousness.
  6. But it's nice of Star to acknowledge the vacuousness of what he has done before.
  7. His brooding good looks may work elsewhere, but here they only emphasise the vacuousness of the movie.
  8. For here is a young man who accepts the vacuousness of a received tradition yet begins his experiments with ambivalence.
  9. The riots paralleled the disintegration of this guy, his spiritual vacuousness, not having a center to hold on to.
  10. One of the great enjoyments of this movie is its devastating satire of the cozy vacuousness and uptight convictions of the times.

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