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  1. When he found the drug on the vacuum bag, he killed Teresa.
  2. Then they'll burn the vacuum bags, the rubbish, dispose the dirty wash water.
  3. Sometimes a vacuum bag is used to compress a wet layup.
  4. :: Hyla does not use vacuum bags, it uses water.
  5. Discard any infested products, and vacuum well ( throw out the vacuum bag ).
  6. The material is covered with release film, bleeder / breather material and a vacuum bag.
  7. Yet others will back-fill the vacuum bag with inert gas, typically nitrogen, at zero pressure.
  8. The bear removes the vacuum bag and dumps it outside where it opened automatically somehow.
  9. The whole boat is put into a vacuum bag and oven baked at 248 F.
  10. The sale of vacuum bags is estimated by Dyson to be a $ 500 million-a-year business.


  1. a bag into which dirt is sucked by a vacuum cleaner
    पर्याय: dust bag

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