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  1. It had no vacuum bottle, but did have a handle.
  2. A lunch kit comprises the actual " box " and a matching vacuum bottle.
  3. The fluid is drained by gravity, a syringe or by connection to a vacuum bottle.
  4. Primus also produces lanterns, vacuum bottles and accessories such as cutlery, cookware and other camping equipment.
  5. The vacuum bottle included in them, however, steadily evolved during the course of the decade and into the 1970s.
  6. "' Housewares and related goods "'- This division makes Thermos branded products and deals with Stainless steel vacuum bottles and related supplies.
  7. To avoid heat loss, and to insulate the cabin from its heat, the battery was stored inside a double-walled stainless steel vacuum bottle.
  8. What was originally a steel vacuum bottle with glass liner, cork or rubber stopper, and bakelite cup became an all-plastic bottle, with insulated foam rather than vacuum.
  9. Playboy videos are already standard fare in the island's rental shops, and the bunny ears trademark is a familiar logo on everything from belt buckles to vacuum bottles.
  10. Alternatively, tunneled pleural catheters ( TPCs ) may be placed in an outpatient setting and often result in auto-pleurodesis, whereby portable vacuum bottles are used to evacuate the pleural fluid.


  1. flask with double walls separated by vacuum; used to maintain substances at high or low temperatures
    पर्याय: vacuum flask

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