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  1. His design included ion beams to shoot ions into the vacuum chamber.
  2. They hide in the second vacuum chamber as the oxygen cylinders detonate.
  3. This was tested on Earth with lunar simulant in a vacuum chamber.
  4. Everyday objects also not not sublime when in a vacuum chamber for example.
  5. And no clean rooms or vacuum chambers should be required for their manufacture.
  6. Using himself as bait, he successfully lures the invader into the vacuum chamber.
  7. Small samples can be cleaved in the vacuum chamber prior to RHEED analysis.
  8. A vacuum chamber is at the heart of the technology.
  9. Of course, with a very large mirror, a very large vacuum chamber is required.
  10. For this purpose dispensing systems are equipped with vacuum chambers.


  1. a chamber from which nearly all matter (especially air) has been removed

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