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  1. The de-asphalter unit is usually placed after the vacuum distillation tower.
  2. Usually this crude glycerol has to be purified, typically by performing vacuum distillation.
  3. Vacuum distillation increases the relative volatility of the key components in many applications.
  4. A vacuum distillation unit was restarted in March 1994 and shut again in December.
  5. One tool to reduce the number of stages needed is to utilize vacuum distillation.
  6. The two main processing methods, vacuum distillation and reverse osmosis, use large quantities of energy.
  7. Vacuum distillation systems operate at reduced pressure, thereby lowering the boiling points of the materials.
  8. Preferable vacuum distillation so you don't blow everything up.
  9. However, vacuum distillation is cheaper on an industrial scale.
  10. The final products are separated by vacuum distillation.

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