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  1. The vacuum evaporation treatment process consists of reducing the interior pressure of the evaporation chamber below atmospheric pressure.
  2. OFETs can be prepared either by vacuum evaporation of small molecules, by PMMA ), can also be used as dielectric.
  3. Indigo and some of its derivatives are known to be ambipolar organic semiconductors when deposited as thin films by vacuum evaporation.
  4. In 1945, the company used a new process called vacuum evaporation that made orange juice a year-round commodity for the first time.
  5. Vacuum coatings are deposited by sputtering, vacuum evaporation, ion plating, ion beam deposition, laser ablation, atomic layer deposition, or plasma arc techniques.
  6. Non-conducting materials are usually coated with an ultrathin coating of electrically conducting material, deposited on the sample either by low-vacuum sputter coating or by high-vacuum evaporation.
  7. During refurbishing, a low-temperature vacuum evaporation-based desalination unit was also coupled to the reactor to serve as demonstration of using waste heat from a research reactor for sea desalination.
  8. John Donavan Strong, a young physicist at the California Institute of Technology, developed a technique for coating a mirror with a much longer lasting aluminum coating using thermal vacuum evaporation.
  9. To eliminate this, a thin layer of aluminium ( about 100 nm ) is deposited over the phosphors, usually by vacuum evaporation, and connected to the conductive layer inside the tube.
  10. Instead of threading individual ferrite cores on wires, thin-film memory consisted of 4 micrometre thick dots of permalloy, an iron-nickel alloy, deposited on small glass plates by vacuum evaporation techniques and a mask.

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