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  1. The United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark allow vegetable fat as an ingredient.
  2. Constant's faithful clients, of course, scoff at the idea of vegetable fats.
  3. Companies using vegetable fats are doing it to save money, Weisskopf said.
  4. And since cocoa butter is a vegetable fat, it has no cholesterol.
  5. They say vegetable fats allow them more flexibility in developing new product lines.
  6. The compromise listed six non-cocoa vegetable fats that could be used in chocolate making.
  7. Chocolate sold in Canada cannot contain vegetable fats or oils.
  8. Vegetable fats can contain anything from 7 % to 86 % saturated fatty acids.
  9. This should state that a product " contains vegetable fats other than cocoa ."
  10. But Washington seems content with its ban on vegetable fats.

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