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  1. BC-Hydro and Mitsubishi had previously tested a three-vehicle fleet in British Columbia.
  2. It maintains of a vehicle fleet in excess of 1, 500 vehicles.
  3. The company also plans to use the technology for vehicle fleet management.
  4. Farmer was also criticized for his management of the agriculture department's vehicle fleet.
  5. BC-Hydro and Mitsubishi had previously tested a 3 vehicle fleet in British Columbia.
  6. The vehicle fleet in South America's largest city has risen sixfold since 1980.
  7. Collision avoidance features are rapidly making their way into the new vehicle fleet.
  8. This is the largest vehicle fleet of any fire service outside of London.
  9. All of the debt is secured by Value's vehicle fleet, spokesman Jim Donahue said.
  10. The current vehicle fleet is a BMW Department of Finance.

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