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  1. Barloon's wife and brother also rejected Saleh's veiled accusation.
  2. Followed by a thinly veiled accusation of trollery and an open threat to block?
  3. DM is back fresh from his block with more thinly veiled accusations of racism.
  4. However, veiled accusations of anti-Semitism and legal threats will not be tolerated.
  5. Both sides have questioned the other's campaign spending and raised veiled accusations of drug financing.
  6. In thinly veiled accusations, it blamed them on the Shiite Muslim-led opposition campaigning for political and social reforms.
  7. Ivory Coast has made veiled accusations against the region's other nations for allegedly backing its northern-based rebels.
  8. Jerry Falwell, a leader of the religious right, has lately been peddling videos continuing veiled accusations of murder against the president.
  9. Here, managers at the three daily tabloids suspect each other of politicized coverage, veiled accusations in news articles and even sabotage.
  10. Instead, you leapt all the way past common sense to veiled accusations of meatpuppetry, and that is in appallingly bad taste.

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