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  1. Plants grow to 3 feet, with fragrant, velvety leaves.
  2. I say to his ancient eye and touch his velvety muzzle.
  3. The result is a velvety wine with some nice cabernet tannin.
  4. The darkened skin can look thickened, rough or even velvety.
  5. One panelist commented on the rich chocolate flavor and velvety texture.
  6. This green salsa has a piquant taste with a velvety texture.
  7. The blooms are followed by ornamental, velvety purple beanlike pods.
  8. For Hesser, it had a velvety quality that she liked.
  9. Cyanotrichite forms velvety radial acicular crystal aggregates of extremely fine fibers.
  10. His velvety voice and quiet delivery earned him his enduring nickname.


  1. resembling velvet in having a smooth soft surface
    पर्याय: velvet
  2. smooth and soft to sight or hearing or touch or taste
    पर्याय: velvet, velvet-textured

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