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  1. The ventral surface ranges from white to slightly lighter than the sides.
  2. Its ventral surface is pale, often with dark mottling along the sides.
  3. The tongue can also divide it self in dorsal and ventral surface.
  4. Individuals tend to be flattened, with cirri confined to the ventral surface.
  5. Once preserved in alcohol, the ventral surfaces are cream colored and unmarked.
  6. The tubenose gobies have a cylindrical body with a flattened ventral surface.
  7. They have olive to bright green dorsal surfaces with white ventral surfaces.
  8. The dorsal surface was generally darker than the lateral and ventral surfaces.
  9. The tail has irregular dusky blotches or a dark gray ventral surface.
  10. Its ventral surface ranges from dull white to yellow to light green.

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