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  1. From atop the highest hill in Crownpoint, there is no visible horizon.
  2. In a true whiteout there is no visible horizon.
  3. Without a visible horizon it was extremely difficult to keep the aircraft in level flight.
  4. There is no consistent or even visible horizon.
  5. The night of February 8 was dark, with no visible moon or stars, and no visible horizon.
  6. There is no visible horizon ."
  7. New research suggests that the Omaha tanks were aiming for a church steeple on the visible horizon behind the cliffs.
  8. He stated that Kennedy had the capability to conduct a night flight to Martha's Vineyard as long as a visible horizon existed.
  9. He began flying in his late teens and later wrote the book " No Visible Horizon " about his experiences as a competitive aerobatic pilot.
  10. In flight school, pilots are taught that spatial disorientation comes when the body's own internal gyroscope is fooled when there is no stable, visible horizon.


  1. the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet
    पर्याय: horizon, apparent horizon, sensible horizon, skyline

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