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  1. The plane was flying under " visual flight rules, " he said.
  2. It provides flight information service for visual flight rules and for helicopters.
  3. Later on they allowed to continue their approach in Visual Flight Rules.
  4. All flights are conducted in day visual flight rules ( VFR ) conditions.
  5. Kennedy was licensed as a VFR, or visual flight rules, pilot.
  6. The only exception was for pilots using instruments rather than visual flight rules.
  7. Under visual flight conditions, Class E can be considered uncontrolled airspace.
  8. Klemperer invented and patented a visual flight simulator and the pressurized flight cabin.
  9. "First, it's just visual flight rules to get over here, " he said.
  10. In 25 of these, it banned pilots from flying under visual flight rules.

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