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  1. Seven teams from the WAFF will participate in the inaugural event.
  2. Every country affiliated with WAFF was invited the tournament Kazakhstan.
  3. Major General Waff joined the United States Army Reserve in October 1980.
  4. He made his first appearance for 2014 WAFF Championship.
  5. She and Odrade meet Waff again on Rakis.
  6. Uxtal and the sole remaining Waff ghola each attempt to escape during the chaos.
  7. She was also an audience curator for the 2013 & 2014 WAFF TEDxTeen series.
  8. Kalaf was called up for the Iraq senior team's 2012 WAFF Championship squad.
  9. Waff remained in this role till 2005.
  10. This was Iran's last WAFF competition before joining the Central Asian Football Association.

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