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  1. MIAMI _ The people who came down from Cleveland wore war paint.
  2. After applying war paint, the Yamasee woke the Carolinians and attacked them.
  3. -- In one scene, Woody wears red war paint on his face.
  4. The Native Americans always wore their best regalia and full war paint.
  5. They were dressed in war paint and war costumes during the attack.
  6. "It's amazing ! said Jerome Vivie, 27, covered with war paint.
  7. They reported spears had been thrown at them by aboriginals in war paint.
  8. Titled " War Paint ", it is about Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden.
  9. They also paint a mean face on him with war paint.
  10. Last night, the president put on war paint and declared war,


  1. cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
    पर्याय: makeup, make-up
  2. full ceremonial regalia
  3. adornment consisting of paint applied to the face and body of certain Amerindians before a battle

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