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  1. Install foam weather stripping around your entrance door and around all windows.
  2. In addition, the weather stripping around the inside windows may need replacing.
  3. Look for stiff foam backing strips where weather stripping is sold.
  4. That may involve periodically replacing weather stripping or protecting the frames with paint.
  5. Is the weather stripping worn out around the patio doors?
  6. NOTE : Drawing titled " WEATHER STRIPPING AROUND WINDOW " goes with this column.
  7. Do you think this is because the windows do not have proper weather stripping?
  8. Mr . Smith responded by putting weather stripping around to prevent snakes from getting in.
  9. But don't try to interest anyone in the space heaters, shovels, snow scrapers or weather stripping.
  10. Also, make sure the weather stripping around each window and sash is still in good condition.


  1. a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold
    पर्याय: weather strip, weatherstrip, weatherstripping

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