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  1. By 7 : 30, all severe weather watches were discontinued.
  2. WEATHER WATCH : Soccer fans in Bangkok are hoping for foul weather.
  3. Additionally, weather satellites provide a global weather watch.
  4. The program includes features to alert the user when a weather watch or warning is issued.
  5. The weather service, created in 1870, is the official voice for severe weather watches and warnings.
  6. In 2009 David founded Wicked Weather Watch, a charity aimed at informing young people about climate change.
  7. From 1959 until 1961 he proposed and promoted the idea of a " World Weather Watch ".
  8. He was a first vice-president of the World Meteorological Organization and helped develop the World Weather Watch.
  9. He played an important role in establishing international programs such as World Weather Watch and Global Atmospheric Research Programme.
  10. -- WEATHER WATCH : When the flame is finally lit Friday night, the weather should pose no problems.

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