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  1. Is there something I can use to replace that fuzzy weatherstrip?
  2. Coatings for weatherstripping must adhere to all of these weatherstrip materials.
  3. Weatherstrip the edges of the box with foam weatherstripping tape.
  4. Window places might carry a weatherstrip just for metal windows.
  5. Weatherstrip your main doors and you should stop that.
  6. We stock screens, track, weatherstrip, and hardware for this brand.
  7. Weatherstrip the box where it sits on the berm.
  8. The cure is to weatherstrip the main window, so that less air escapes.
  9. These weatherstrips are critical to reduce to a minimum energy losses due to air leakage.
  10. It is called horizontal weatherstrip, and is distributed by Brosco ( Brockway-Smith ).


  1. a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold
    पर्याय: weather strip, weather stripping, weatherstripping
  1. provide with weatherstripping; "The window must be weatherstripped before the cold weather sets in"

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