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  1. Maybe they just can't unhook themselves from weeknight sitcoms.
  2. Worse, there is one seating a night, weeknights only.
  3. Scott Ferrall : On Westwood One via KLSX-FM weeknights.
  4. Weeknight movies are basically a thing of the past for Cellucci.
  5. What would take place during a typical weeknight in her household?
  6. It looked like a perfectly normal weeknight game on the schedule.
  7. Weeknights are anchored by Bob Pompeani while weekends feature Jory Rand.
  8. It also placed local inserts into KSTP's weeknight broadcasts.
  9. In 2007, the weeknight news updates were dropped as well.
  10. The Independent News Network only provided taped weather segments on weeknights.
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  1. any night of the week except Saturday or Sunday

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