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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Discipline was a ruler whapped across the palm of the hand.
  2. She thought she found it on the 17th stroke, and whapped a forehand _ into the tape.
  3. The premier of Victoria, Australia, Steve Bracks, got whapped in October at the opening of the Melbourne Museum.
  4. In trying to clarify some information about an article on the Durham Herald-Sun, I inadvertantly may have whapped your article.
  5. He cocked his ear to the tales of economic worry, and he whapped their softball queries with infobites taken from his standard stump speech.
  6. If you're spotted you're likely to get whapped and if your photo is spotted ( later ) you're likely to get sued.
  7. Simpson's lawyers must have appreciated that, he said, when confronted with the photographs of the Bruno Maglis : " They got whapped by reality evidence ."
  8. The most important Latin musician of the last half century and a key figure in the fusion of Latin music with jazz, Puente was an ebullient performer who often mugged and laughed as he whapped away on his timbales.
  9. Stephane Dion, Canada's minister for intergovernmental affairs _ and no relation to the singer _ took a pair of pies in the face two weeks ago, whapped while handing out slices of cake to homeless people at a Montreal soup kitchen.
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