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  1. Dogtooth violets are wild flowers which grow in the northern Japanese mountains.
  2. Walled to exclude rabbits the churchyard is a haven for wild flowers.
  3. Wild flowers and anger are in bloom along I-95 in South Carolina.
  4. Instead of wearing jewellery, she would wear wild flowers in her hair.
  5. Bartholomew, wearing long black robes, descended stairs covered with fragrant wild flowers.
  6. The wild flowers are single, but some cultivated forms have double flowers.
  7. Oaklyn Branch has a green roof of prairie grass and wild flowers.
  8. The northern edge of the meadow has a variety of wild flowers.
  9. It was an idyllic place with a dazzling array of wild flowers.
  10. Herbs, shrubs, wild flowers and thorny bushes can be seen in abundance.


  1. wild or uncultivated flowering plant
    पर्याय: wildflower

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