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  1. Hodbarrow is renowned for large numbers of wildfowl during the winter.
  2. The open water bodies also support large numbers of wintering wildfowl.
  3. Blashford Lakes is an internationally important site for thousands of wildfowl.
  4. There is also oak woodland and an ornamental lake with wildfowl.
  5. No wildfowl nesting, or red-winged blackbirds whistling.
  6. Waders and wildfowl often over-winter on the reserve.
  7. Deer, wildfowl, pike, trout, and catfish were caught.
  8. Flooded in winter, they attract thousands of migrating wildfowl.
  9. It provides roosts for snowy egrets and other wildfowl species.
  10. The lake is considered to be an important site for wintering wildfowl.


  1. flesh of any of a number of wild game birds suitable for food

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