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  1. Three young orphans are acquired as well : the squirrel Benjy, the mousemaid Wincey, and the little ottermaid Figgs.
  2. Commander David Philpott was moved to present the weather at the weekends only, with Wincey Willis becoming the new weekday weather presenter, and a host of new features were introduced:
  3. Alexander Gordon envisaged a thriving industrial village and built a small linen factory in Back Street ( now North Street ) which produced fine linen table-cloths and wincey using flax from Auchintoul Moss.
  4. Although well known for her TV-am weather forecasts she is most proud of her work as a writer and as presenter of television programmes about animals, notably " Animal Watch " on TV-am and the Granada TV series " Wincey's Pets ".
  5. Over the years there have been several different guest runners, presenters and Navigators when the regular team are unavailable, these are normally presenters or staff from Radio Norfolk or BBC look east, however On 6 September 2009, Wincey Willis stood in for the then full-time runner Becky Betts, and on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2010, Anneka Rice took part in the programme, appearing at the fifth clue location, Norwich Castle, and then teaming up with Betts to find the treasure.


  1. a plain or twilled fabric of wool and cotton used especially for warm shirts or skirts and pajamas

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