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  1. Years ago, the steady whop-whop-whop of wind generators sometimes annoyed local residents.
  2. His windsurfing business was operated by solar panels and a wind generator.
  3. On the forme Patriot rocket station there are now three wind generators.
  4. The nearby wind generator farm is not part of the complex.
  5. No one would benefit, he said, except " a few wind generators ."
  6. In 1992 they built photovoltaic power station and in 1998 a small wind generator.
  7. A 60 kW capacity wind generator is located on Black Rock Road in Breamlea.
  8. Small-scale wind generators, for instance, have followed a similar evolution.
  9. There was no electricity or fridge, and the wind generator powered the tape deck.
  10. The design also contained a wind generator and battery storage.


  1. generator that extracts usable energy from winds
    पर्याय: windmill, aerogenerator

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