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  1. Pottery from the bottom of the ditches was also the type style for the Windmill Hill culture.
  2. See Windmill Hill culture for the general term . . . talk ) 15 : 24, 7 April 2008 ( UTC)
  3. For example, the Windmill Hill culture now serves as a general label for several different groups that occupied southern Great Britain during the Neolithic.
  4. It is one of only twelve remaining examples of a causewayed enclosure from the Windmill Hill culture in Britain and one of three known to have existed in the South Downs.
  5. Since the term was first coined by archaeologists, further excavation and analysis has indicated that it consisted of several discrete Abingdon cultures; and that " Windmill Hill culture " is too general a term.
  6. While the builders of the earliest precursor of the megalithic structures that still stand were associated with the Windmill Hill culture, the famous megaliths were most likely put in place by the talk ) 02 : 00, 8 April 2008 ( UTC)

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