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  1. Limewood is also the material of choice for window blinds and shutters.
  2. There is evidence that one-way window blinds were used in 18th century London.
  3. Another interesting feature of the Seagram Building is the window blinds.
  4. The train is in motion, witnessed by the swinging tassel on window blind.
  5. The 400-square-foot studios have kitchens, bathrooms, window blinds and some furniture.
  6. In 1995, the commission recalled window blinds and draperies with looped pull cords.
  7. A window blind is still jumbled from a student's hurried escape.
  8. Window blinds can be manually drawn using a cord, or automated through motorization.
  9. The union represents vision-impaired workers, rather than those involved in manufacturing window blinds.
  10. I don't need or want to have my window blinds controlled by a computer.


  1. a blind for privacy or to keep out light

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