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  1. Q . I plan to make my own window boxes this winter.
  2. Her quarters feature a handsome cedar-shingled shed with petunias in window boxes.
  3. But in the competitive world of window boxes, chrysanthemums do not suffice.
  4. Gardening experts say most people use window boxes for flowers and plants.
  5. Q . I am using self-watering pots and window boxes this summer.
  6. How can I put up window boxes without harming the wood clapboards?
  7. A garden of velveteen flowers springs up in a funky window box.
  8. They are now home again in their window box garden in springtime.
  9. The window box scheme is implemented throughout the Burley Lodge area.
  10. Q . My question is about the window boxes outside my kitchen window.


  1. a long narrow box for growing plants on a windowsill

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