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  1. Still, many felt his addition to the playoff roster was window dressing.
  2. The gain was due to window dressing with overall volume remaining low.
  3. Taylor is eager to show his promotion was more than window dressing.
  4. But the Dodgers see the honors as much more than window dressing.
  5. But all that was window dressing compared with the task at hand.
  6. The RBIs were a career high, but that was just window dressing.
  7. He continued to do window dressing and in the evenings studied design.
  8. Sharon reportedly dismissed reports of the current arrest sweeps as window dressing.
  9. Hence the entente referred to is being depicted as window dressing.
  10. The Dream Teams and the tennis stars are imported window dressing.


  1. the decoration of shop windows
  2. a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant
    पर्याय: facade

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