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  1. He was wearing white wrist bands but would not talk about it.
  2. Most wore the cancer foundation's yellow " Live Strong " wrist bands.
  3. First he flung his wrist bands into the stands, then his jersey.
  4. And what about those wrist bands that claim to repel mosquitos?
  5. Unused funds on the wrist band will be refunded back to the guest.
  6. I look like a Christmas tree  wrist bands, arm bands.
  7. I have it written on my wrist bands : stay low and start.
  8. Wrist bands with integrated sensor work optically, and have poor accuracy.
  9. The wrist bands were available at the Union to enrolled Ohio State students.
  10. The rest we'll put on a wrist band and go to work ."


  1. a band or bracelet worn around the wrist
    पर्याय: wristlet

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