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  1. The following situations may result in wrist drop:
  2. Stab wounds to the chest at or below the clavicle may result in wrist drop.
  3. Wrist drop is also associated with lead poisoning because of the effect of lead on the radial nerve.
  4. If the tendons, the muscles, or the nerves supplying these muscles, are not working as they should be, wrist drop may occur.
  5. Symptoms of damage to the deep branch of the radial nerve typically include " wrist drop ", which is the flexion of fingers, hand, and wrist, since the extensor muscles supplied by the nerve are paralyzed.
  6. In adults, symptoms can occur at levels above 40 ?g / dL, but are more likely to occur only above 50 60 ?g / dL . Anemia may appear at blood lead levels higher than 50 ?g / dL . Signs that occur in adults at blood lead levels exceeding 100 ?g / dL include wrist drop and foot drop, and signs of encephalopathy ( a condition characterized by pressure within the skull, delirium, coma, seizures, and headache.

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