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  1. Washington has refused any formal treaty, offering written guarantees instead.
  2. The plan also would strengthen with written guarantees a failed 1993 accord.
  3. What do you want, a written guarantee they are going to double?
  4. And ask for a written guarantee, if possible.
  5. Written guarantees from Netanyahu are not enough.
  6. Into each clock, Simon included a brochure, instructions, and a written guarantee.
  7. If I'd written guaranteed, it would have meant it was automatic ."
  8. Scioscia said there's " no written guarantee " Halter would be recalled Sept . 1.
  9. The opposition has recently demanded from Hun Sen a written guarantee of safety and freedom from arrest.
  10. Jordan never asked for written guarantees, the Jordanian government officials said in response to the report.

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