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  1. In turn, California calls custom-written interrogatories " specially prepared interrogatories ."
  2. Some authorities are of the view that Section 1782 authorizes non-parties to produce documents and to give oral testimony but not to answer written interrogatories.
  3. He has submitted written interrogatory answers, produced more than 90, 000 pages of documents and other items and provided information informally in a variety of ways.
  4. The American vessel " Betsey " under attack by a swarm of seven French corsairs, in 1797 The commissioners took testimony from witnesses on standard form written interrogatories.
  5. "Clinton's lies at his deposition as well as the lies in his earlier answers to written interrogatories affected our work in every step of the case from that point forward, " the Dallas lawyers asserted.
  6. The written interrogatories and ship's papers established the nationality of the prize and her crew, and the origin and destination of the cargo : the vessel was said to be " confiscated out of her own mouth ."
  7. Instead, Faith Hochberg, the U . S . attorney for New Jersey, said her office would modify the judge's request to limit questioning of the witness to written interrogatories that could not explore any discussions she had had with law enforcement agencies.
  8. Yesterday, as part of the contempt ruling, Judge Wright ordered Clinton to pay the Jones lawyers for expenses and attorneys'fees incurred as a result of his false answers to written interrogatories and false testimony during a deposition on Jan . 17, 1998.
  9. .. . On December 11, 1997, the judge overseeing the Jones case . . ruled that the President had to answer a written interrogatory naming every state and federal employee since 1986 with whom he had sexual relations or with whom he had proposed to have sexual relations.
  10. The DFEH has unilateral discovery rights during the investigative process, which permit the DFEH to issue subpoenas ( Gov . Code, ?129603.1 ), serve written interrogatories and requests for production of documents ( Gov . Code, �� 12963.2, 12963.4 ) and depose witnesses ( Gov . Code, ?129603.3 ).

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