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  1. Would the carpers and critics of the crown prefer Yankee imperialism?
  2. The flag of Latin American solidarity against Yankee imperialism is furled.
  3. Clinton said, " nor is it Yankee imperialism ."
  4. The very idea stirred the fury of Dominican nationalism and fears of Yankee imperialism.
  5. And even then they could blame it on Doug Melvin, or Yankee imperialism.
  6. Others chanted an old standby : " Down with Yankee imperialism !"
  7. Others chanted an old standby, " Down with Yankee imperialism !"
  8. Bombs go off occasionally at the local USO and newspaper editorials rail about Yankee imperialism.
  9. Clinton said . " This is not Vietnam, neither is it Yankee imperialism.
  10. Economic stagnation and local resentment of " Yankee imperialism " can result, they warn.

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