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  1. Carliss is not a Scotland Yard inspector at all but Gina's jealous ex-husband.
  2. Scotland Yard inspector Braddock and detective Cameron are assigned to investigate.
  3. And on the printed page, Jessica has a love interest, a Scotland Yard inspector.
  4. Seeing how the plan backfired, The Blackbird turns Bertie in to a Scotland Yard inspector.
  5. Scotland Yard inspector Lawrence arrives to the telekinetic powers to get hovercraft on the shore.
  6. Formerly a Scotland Yard inspector, he also proved to be a valuable asset in non-combat situation.
  7. Neale awakens in the hospital, the prisoner of Scotland Yard Inspector Prentice ( Percy Waram ).
  8. The novel is a whodunit centred on the Scotland Yard inspector, who is Tey's regular character Alan Grant.
  9. When a bomb explodes in a London suburb, Scotland Yard Inspector Peter Carmichael is assigned to the case.
  10. When a real Scotland Yard inspector shows up soon after, Gordon loses his temper and raises suspicions of murder.

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