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  1. It stands on blue Staffordshire engineering bricks and York stone.
  2. The memorial consists of an obelisk in Portland stone on a plinth of York stone.
  3. It was re-developed in 1936 and the paths re-laid with york stone paving.
  4. The memorial consists of an obelisk in Portland stone standing on a stepped plinth in York stone.
  5. In phases from 2004 to 2006, Briggate was paved with York Stone, removing the roadway and pavements that remained.
  6. It was designed by Thomas E . Tiffin Bath by Messrs H . Friday and Sons and Ling, using Portland and York stone.
  7. The greenery extends all the way to the river bank while York stone terraces lead to a pea shingle path which is flanked by lawn.
  8. Today, Blackwell is bordered by beautiful flower beds set against a terrace of York stone paving, providing shelter for garden chairs and tables, surrounded by fragrant flowers and herbs.
  9. In 1987 the square was redesigned and the eastern side in front of the town hall was setts, York stone paving and'heritage'- style cast-iron street furniture.
  10. A layer of York stone slabs at a depth of around was used to consolidate the concrete, and another was placed at the top of the foundations, as a base for the masonry.

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