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  1. Note that this potential has the same form as the Yukawa potential.
  2. However, any Yukawa potential or Coulomb potential are non-zero for any large r.
  3. The Yukawa potential ( also called a screened Coulomb potential ) is a potential of the form
  4. Yukawa potential or some variant thereof.
  5. In the SI system, the unit of the Yukawa potential is ( 1 / m ).
  6. Regge trajectories can be obtained for many other potentials, in particular also for the Yukawa potential.
  7. This theoretical development included a description of the Yukawa potential, an early example of a nuclear potential.
  8. It can be seen that the Coulomb potential has effect over a greater distance whereas the Yukawa potential approaches zero rather quickly.
  9. The Yukawa potential depends only on the distance between particles, " r ", hence it models a central force.
  10. The decrease is approximately as a negative exponential power of distance, though there is no simple expression known for this; see Yukawa potential.

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