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  1. Many Zambians view these fights as confined to the political elite.
  2. Most Zambians, however, are just trying to get by.
  3. Most Zambians older than 30 are extremely reluctant to discuss sex.
  4. But Chiluba said Zambians were committed to resolving their own problems.
  5. I appeal to you fellow Zambians to unite and be resolute.
  6. The amendment required presidential candidates to be born of Zambian parents.
  7. Offenses of treason carry a mandatory death sentence under Zambian law.
  8. The meetings were headed by Zambian presidential affairs minister Eric Silwamba.
  9. The peace deal was negotiated in the Zambian capital, Lusaka.
  10. The soldiers later released 83 captives but 20 Zambians remain missing.
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