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  1. The zemindar had arranged beforehand for the absence of all others.
  2. The Pakistani army completely destroyed the Ghugudanga Zemindar's Lodge.
  3. The zemindar also intervened seeking forgiveness for the villagers.
  4. Even Kirtichand Rai was initially appointed a zemindar on the basis of such a firman.
  5. Chatterjee married Renu Chatterjee, who comes from the zemindar family in Lalgola, on 7 February 1950.
  6. Till then, each person became a zemindar on a basis of a firman specially issued for the purpose.
  7. His criticism of the permanent settlement, " The Zemindar and Ryots ", created a sensation.
  8. On witnessing this the people approached the zemindar of the village to take measures so that he could not organise upasanas.
  9. Valerie Fitzgerald's 1981 historical novel Zemindar features the siege of Lucknow in 1857 and uses La Martini�re as the backdrop.
  10. He worked as teacher, clerk, tehsildar and zemindari estate manager before earning well from share business and became a zemindar.

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