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  1. It accented your eyelashes without leaving raccoon rings under your eyes.
  2. Salonen said between rehearsals, speaking impeccable British-accented English.
  3. Leigh says in a soft, Valley Girl-accented voice.
  4. No, make that a sexy, island-accented Spanish.
  5. Ms . Diagne said, her voice lightly accented with French.
  6. Frey said calmly but emphatically in a German-accented voice.
  7. In his heavily accented English, Benigni acknowledged a similar concern.
  8. Zack protested, flashing a sweet smile accented by deep dimples.
  9. A sleek blue couch and expensive stereo accented the living room.
  10. The reporter had misunderstood Ivana's Czech-accented English.

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