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  1. It was sometimes thrown with the aid of a throwing strap, or amentum.
  2. The amentum was looped over the first two fingers of the throwing hand so as to slip off when the throw was made.
  3. The javelin throw used a leather strap, called an amentum, rather than having the athlete grip the shaft of the javelin itself.
  4. The ancient Greeks and Romans used a leather thong or loop, known as an " ankule " or " amentum ", as a spear-throwing device.
  5. At a later time the form of plebeian will developed ( " irs / amentum per aes ci libram " ), and the law of testamentary succession was further modified by the influence of " tile practor ", especially in the direction of recognition of " fideicommissa " similar in some respects to testamentary trusts . " Codicilli ", or informal wills, also came into use and were sufficient for almost every purpose except for appointing an heir.

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