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  1. Peine and Jagusch both received a financial fine ( amercement ).
  2. This distinction between fines and amercements, absolute in theory, could readily be obliterated in practice.
  3. In a 2013 review paper, Gallant and King expressed their concern over amercements in Canada and Ireland.
  4. No one could expect to pass through life ( perhaps hardly through a single year ) without being subjected to amercements.
  5. A cause of action in amercement will exist against a sheriff who refused to seize property under a writ of execution.
  6. In latter-day practice, amercements may include partial ( Jang ) or full seizure ( Lloydsmith, Rai ) of a house.
  7. The spirit of the restriction placed by this chapter and by the common law upon the King s prerogative of inflicting amercements could often be evaded.
  8. Amercements were commonly used as a punishment for minor offenses ( such as trespassing in the King's forest ), as an alternative to imprisonment.
  9. The LLM thesis of JA Krane, which studied amercements in detail, concluded that the Charter of Rights was deficient because it fails to enshrine property rights.
  10. New taxes were introduced and the existing accounts re-audited, and the reforms of the legal system brought in new streams of money from fines and amercements.

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