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  1. Burke labelled her first album as " very Americanised ".
  2. Additonally used the Americanise spelling of words on these pages like the other accounts
  3. With The Lower Third, Bowie moved away from Americanised Mary Poppins ".
  4. For immigrants to the United States, the name was then Americanised to King.
  5. Glossy Americanised heaviness and a smooth Holder vocal.
  6. The americanised'color'is less widespread than you might think, globally.
  7. Track 2 " Momma " was Americanised to " Mama " for the US release.
  8. Edmondosn wanted to Americanise the game as the original had a British banger racing feel.
  9. This argument seems egregiously deceitful to me and indicative of a misplaced bias towards Americanised sources.
  10. The British used to pull the EU in the direction of more Americanised positions and politics.

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