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  1. Q : How did you get to be a Latin Americanist?
  2. Many powerful Vatican authorities also opposed the " Americanist " tendency.
  3. Linguistic works on Kwak'wala typically use an Americanist transcription.
  4. Compare the lexical suffixes and free nouns of Americanist notation:
  5. Taos has been transcribed by Trager in Americanist phonetic notation.
  6. First, it was the history of Americanist archaeology.
  7. Much published material concerning T�batulabal uses the Americanist orthography.
  8. In the Americanist orthography generally used when describing Wichita, is spelled, and is.
  9. Diacritics are widely used in Americanist notation.
  10. It is a reflex of Proto-Athabascan ( as symbolized in Americanist notation ).

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