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  1. "It Americanizes this war, " he said.
  2. Americanizes, in the person of the serial killer.
  3. "It Americanizes the war, so it's a very bad idea ."
  4. "It Americanizes the war, so it's a very bad idea,"
  5. Here he Americanizes the spelling of'organized', something Bobmack89x does here and as I recall has done in other articles.
  6. "It Americanizes this war, " said McCurry, noting that military experts say it would require thousands of U . S . troops to equip and train Bosnian government forces.
  7. Christopher said that lifting the embargo " Americanizes the war " because the Muslim government would have to turn to the United States for equipment and training to counter a certain Serbian offensive.
  8. "Carousel " also Americanizes the story, setting it in Maine during the last part of the nineteenth century, and including a New England clam bake as the setting for some of the more cheerful songs in the show.

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