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  1. The Pyongyang " Analects " was discovered in 1992.
  2. The Silver Rule of Confucianism from " Analects"
  3. These include the Analects and The Art of War.
  4. Zai Yu is not portrayed well in the Analects.
  5. Is there a set number of teachings that he had in the Analects?
  6. However, the Analects also caution against the opposite.
  7. Most of his information on reverence in Chinese culture derives from the Analects.
  8. The " Analects " contains three chapters of Zhuansun Shi's sayings.
  9. The fifth chapter of the " Analects " was traditionally attributed to his disciples.
  10. These are probably the same person mentioned in the Analects as Shen Chang ( 3u�h ).


  1. a collection of excerpts from a literary work
    पर्याय: analecta

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