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  1. Sentimentalize the music, and it chokes to a cloying halt.
  2. The performances are sprightly yet relaxed, warm though never cloying.
  3. Cooper is cute without being annoyingly cloying as the wishful son.
  4. "It's not cloying and sweet,"
  5. Her introduction to this book, however, quickly seems cloying.
  6. Expect to grit your teeth through the cloying expository opening scene.
  7. CBS Sunday at 8 : We find this series sometimes cloying.
  8. As it is, the evening is alternately moving and cloying.
  9. Bed-and-breakfasts range from the authentic to cloying.
  10. He is nauseated by the scent of cloying, reckless happiness.


  1. overly sweet
    पर्याय: saccharine, syrupy, treacly

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